“I really appreciate your wonderful yoga teaching. You have such clarity in your explanations.  You have a really respectful, encouraging, non-judgemental manner of using your hands to guide us into a more useful position. We are all very lucky to have you as our teacher.”

“Ruth is a top yoga teacher and there is a great balance between physical and mental elements in her classes. She is authentic, empathetic, has a great sense of humor and finds always the perfect words! I love how calm, relaxed, connected with myself and stretched I feel after her class. Thanks Ruth!”

Ruth is the calming voice of yoga, much as you would expect from any yoga teacher, but so much more! Not only has she carried on seamlessly into online courses but is able to correct our positions and knows what we are doing even remotely. Her soothing voice and technical know-how means a class with Ruth is pure pleasure, and feels like a serious workout with total relaxation. Addictive!”

“I have been practising yoga with Ruth for over 4 years and love her classes which are a chance in the week to stretch out the physical body, calm the mind and just rebalance one’s whole being.  Her attention to detail in yoga poses ensures students come away feeling they have had a good workout but without risk of injury.  Ruth’s positive and calm outlook on life and words of wisdom make her yoga sessions really fun and beneficial.”

“Wow, this was just a gorgeous weekend of heart-openers in a stunning location. Ruth is a wonderful teacher, truly in her perfect vocation. Thank you Ruth!”

I was at this retreat beginning December and it was amazing! I was worried because I’m a yoga beginner and thought it would be beyond me. There was nothing to worry about! Ruth is an amazing teacher and all levels are fully catered for and treated equally. The yoga sessions were fantastic and the location, food and company were perfect. It’s a superb weekend and I highly recommend it!”

“I joined Ruth’s online yoga group a year ago and was immediately pleased and relieved I found her. The classes are the right balance both spiritually and physically. With her gentle calming voice guiding the class through the poses and positions, she manages to combine mindful practice and thoughtful personal insights with the physicality of a variety of stretching and resting poses. I look forward to the weekly online class and I’m never disappointed. I always reach the end feeling stretched, relaxed and energised all at once.”

Ruth listens to her clients, I have some joint issues and she has always contacted me ahead of time if a particular class might include something more challenging for me; she gives me alternative suggestions, talking me through them personally. During the classes she always checks every client is comfortable and we are able to ask questions at any time.”

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