My practice

I attended my first yoga class back in 2007. I’d been suffering a lot of back and shoulder pain from working long hours at a desk, and nothing I did seemed to provide lasting relief. Then I tried yoga, and I can honestly say that very first class got me hooked. The physical benefits were obvious: attending regular classes strengthened my back and shoulders, released tension, and kept me free of pain. As time went by, I noticed that yoga had a positive effect on my state of mind, too. I would emerge from class feeling more peaceful, more confident, more together, and more comfortable in my own skin. The emotional benefits easily equalled the physical benefits, and this made me curious to find out more.

Over the years I’ve tried various styles, from energetic vinyasa flows to slow and contemplative yin classes; each class has left its imprint. Today, my practice is mindful and meditative. I’m not trying to prove anything to anybody, impress anybody, or outdo anybody. My time on my mat is my time with me, for me: It’s where I accept myself for who I am and work with what I’ve got – mentally and physically – on any given day.