sthira sukham asanam

According to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, every pose should embody the qualities of effort and ease in equal measure. In every pose we should seek to maintain the balance between Sthira (steadiness, stability, firm grounding = effort) and Sukha (lightness, freedom, expansion = ease). Too much effort and we will become rigid, tense, constricted; we will become too serious and lose the sense of joy. Too much ease and we will lack stability or containment, like a child that has no discipline and knows no boundaries.

Experiencing these qualities on the mat encourages us to embody them in our daily lives. Maintaining a strong connection to the ground beneath your feet helps you stand tall and proud. Your strong roots give you the ability to grow and flourish in almost any environment. Your groundedness enables you to keep your head, even when everyone around you seems to be losing theirs. Stand firm and strong, and you will be more able to flow through life with a natural sense of calm, resilience and grace.


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