Benefits of yoga for runners

Are you a keen runner? Establishing a regular yoga practice can prove very beneficial for a variety of reasons.
Stretching out the major muscle groups not only relieves post-exercise stiffness, but also increases flexibility over time, thereby reducing the risk of injury. Long-held postures will improve your strength and endurance, while flowing sequences will build stamina. Building core strength will improve your balance and coordination, consequently make your running more efficient, as energy won’t be lost compensating for poor technique.
Cultivating breath awareness increases concentration and helps keep you calm. In turn, this sharpens your focus and develops a more positive mindset, keeping you firmly “in the zone” during races. It’s little wonder more and more professional athletes are adding yoga to their fitness regime as a way of enhancing their performance.



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  1. Dear Ruth, what a lovely website you have now! Congrats!! It’s a pity that I have to spend my Friday mornings in office instead of joining your Yoga for runners class….Hope to see you soon, Linda xx


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